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At Peconic Monument Works we take pride in offering our customers help through a possibly difficult and painful time of dealing with the loss of a loved one. The Warners remain sensitive to the families’ wishes and needs, and patiently work with the family to help guide them through the many decisions in choosing a cemetery monument.

Most people purchase a memorial once, or perhaps twice in a lifetime. Because such purchases are made infrequently, it is understandable difficult for a person to be thoroughly familiar with the main factors that influence the quality and value of memorials. The professional counsel offered by Peconic Monument Works will enable you to make your selection with full confidence. Peconic Monument Works can help you choose a memorial that remembers and honors your loved one. The price of the memorial depends upon the material used, its color, shape, size, design, lettering, and personalization.


Our motto is “From a Marker to a Mausoleum”, meaning that we can help you with the need of matching an existing family marker at the cemetery plot, or in designing a beautiful memorial that will honor and commemorate the life of a loved one forever.

At Peconic Monument Works, we work with families to bring their memorial vision to life. We offer several different colors of granite in addition to marble. We specialize in the simplest of flat markers to the most elaborate monuments with carvings or etchings, and mausoleums.

Peconic Monuments is a full service memorial shop, meaning that in addition to working with families to bring their memorial vision to life, we also communicate with the cemetery on the family’s behalf, and install the completed memorial in the cemetery.

We are here to help you every step of the way in choosing the perfect tribute for your loved one. It is our mission to come along side you in this time of need and to make this process as easy and encouraging as possible. We promise to provide attentive, caring service at a fair price. Nationwide shipping is available.

Bronze Plaques

Sometimes plaques are made to be placed at a memorial park or planted tree, or sometimes they are set on an existing native stone or boulder. We offer many different ideas and there are many different sizes of bronze plaques to choose from. All bronze plaques are custom cast to size, design, and lettering requests.

Civic Memorials

A befitting bronze memorial made to honor Brookhaven veterans.

Granite Vases

We offer flower vases in many materials, styles, and colors.

Cleaning Services

We offer services in the field of cleaning memorials. We do cleaning on site at the cemetery, and remove lichen, dirt, moss, mold, algae, and air pollutants.

Cemetery Corner Posts

Corner posts can be lettered with the family initial(s) or with a design. They mark the four corners of a cemetery plot and can be installed flush with the ground or cemetery permitting, above ground.

Granite Cemetery Benches

Granite benches can be a nice enhancement to your loved one’s plot. In some cases, a granite bench can even serve as the permanent monument. Granite benches can also be carved or lettered to commemorate individuals or donors.

Inscription Lettering

(Names and/or years added to an existing monument, without removing the monument or disturbing the grave.)

If you already have a monument or marker on your plot, and just need to add a name or date for a loved one who has passed, we will add these inscriptions to your memorial. We will check your stone for you in the cemetery prior to doing the work to ensure that the new lettering will match the existing in terms of size and font. At Peconic Monument Works, we guarantee all of our work to ensure you are pleased with the results.

If you are looking to have information added to an existing memorial, we have our team go on site to the cemetery and add the lettering at the time of need. Prior to doing the inscription, we would go see the existing memorial to ensure we match the existing lettering size and font. Below are examples of what can be added to a memorial after it has already been set in a cemetery;

  • Names
  • Years/dates of birth or passing
  • Carvings/designs
  • Epitaphs


Memorial Repairs

If you or your cemetery has memorials that have been damaged, we offer repair services to restore the stone. Below are examples of some of the repairs we offer;

  • Foundation repair/leveling for leaning stones.
  • Lifting and Re-setting knocked over stones.
  • Installation of concrete foundations.
  • Removal and Replacement of seal between pieces.
  • Replacement bases and new bases.

Porcelain photos

Porcelain photos add another layer of personal touch to the memorial.

Pet Memorials

Having a memorial made for your pet can be a special way to commemorate their life and valued companionship. If you are interested in a monument for your pet, we would love to work with you to design a memorial that best depicts your vision and honors their memory.